USP Connectors
USP Connector Products


Full range of structurally-rated fasteners for wood frame structures.  Hot-dip galvanized, stainless steel, and Gold Coat corrosion resistant finishes available for exterior applications.


Bearing Plates

BP series

Bearing plates.
Reference Series: BP series

HBPS series

Slotted bearing plates.
Reference Series: BPS series

LBP series

Bearing plates.
Reference Series: LBP series

LBPS series

Slotted bearing plates.
Reference Series: LBPS series



B series

Design information on bolts specified for USP product line.
Reference Series: A series


Coupler Nuts

CNW series

Coupler Nuts join threaded rods to embedded anchor rods.
Reference Series: CNW series


Hex Nuts

HN series

Standard hex nuts


LumberLok Screws

LL series

Self-drilling screws for a number of USP Structural Connectors and wood-to-wood applications.
Reference Series: SD series



N / NA series

USP structural nails and common nail design information.
Reference Series: Nails


TECOTM 33° Collated Hanger Nails


33° collated pneumatically driven nails in bright, hot-dip galvanized, and stainless steel finishes
Reference Series: SCNR series


Threaded Rods

ATR series

All Thread Rods for anchoring USP's holdowns, tension ties, and wood structural panel shear walls to concrete.
Reference Series: ATR series



RW series

Round washers distribute load from the tightened nut and reduce bearing stresses to prevent crushing of the supporting material.


Wood Screws

WS series

USP self-drilling hex head structural wood screws.
Reference Series: SDS series