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Case Study: McCabe Lumber

With MiTek's SAPPHIRE Supply, McCabe Lumber Now Generates Precise Take-Offs in Half the Time, Freeing up Sales Staff for Growth

McCabe Lumber is the envy of the Cincinnati-regional lumber and building materials industry. With a staff of 120 and around $40 million in annual revenue, McCabe serves several hundred regular customers, where McCabe sees a high concentration of custom and production home builders.

McCabe Lumber recently solved a bugaboo that plagues many building material suppliers: McCabe's 12-member outside sales staff spent 50% of its time creating estimates.

The team at McCabe had to find a better way to create material take-offs. Now, because of McCabe's use of SAPPHIRE Supply, its estimates are very quickly getting a market reputation for accuracy. "And that," said Jerry Tepe, McCabe's VP Sales, "is its own selling tool for new business and customer retention."

"Best of all," Jerry Tepe added, "we are able to complete the estimates in SAPPHIRE Supply in half the time it used to take us to work up estimate through our old estimating process." Read the full case study here.

Case Study: McCabe Lumber


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MiTek Case Study: McCabe Lumber

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