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USP Structural Connectors History


History of USP® Structural Connectors

United Steel Products, also known as USP, is the leading manufacturer of structural connectors and hardware for the building industry. Our legacy of innovation dates back to 1933 when the original timber connectors were conceived and standardized. Over the years, USP grew by combining some of the most innovative and recognizable brands into one "united" company. This brand lineage includes TECO®, Silver™, Lumberlok™ Kant-Sag®, Hughes™ Covert™ and Renown™.

In March 2011, USP was acquired by MiTek-US, Inc, a Berkshire Hathaway company. MiTek's extensive resources and software expertise combined with USP's rich heritage of engineering and manufacturing will offer our customers a competitive advantage for years to come.

The MiTek Story

MiTek resources run deep. Born with the innovation of the first "gang-nail" plate in 1954, the company evolved through the mergers and acquisitions of more than 15 companies over its history as the world's leading supplier of software, structural connectors, engineering services and automated manufacturing equipment to the component manufacturing industry. Their reputation as an innovative market leader, committed to the success of their customers, continues to grow.

As a company owned by Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway, MiTek's growth and acquisitions have allowed it to pursue its vision and extend its reach, not only within the residential sector, but also to serve the broader commercial and industrial construction sectors with the same innovation, lasting value and enduring relationships.

Time Line

1933: TECO is founded in Maryland and becomes the first company to manufacture and market joist hangers and lumber connectors.

1954: United Steel Products (USP) founded in Minnesota, establishes the KANT-SAG trade name.

1963: Silver Metal Products is founded in California.

1968: LUMBERLOK is founded in California.

1989: TECO purchases LUMBERLOK.

1993: USP establishes a factory and warehouse in North Carolina.

1994: The owners of Silver Metal Products acquire TECO/LUMBERLOK and create SILVER/TECO.

1995: USP acquires SILVER/TECO and consolidates the SILVER, TECO and KANT-SAG product lines and USP Lumber Connectors™ is created.

1999: Hughes Manufacturing, located in Florida is acquired. HUGHES and SEMCO connector product lines are consolidated with USP Lumber Connectors™.

2002: USP Lumber Connectors™ rebrands to USP Structural Connectors as it expands its product offerings.

2004: USP acquires Renown Specialties Company LTD, located in Ontario, Canada to expand market presence and extend product lines into home hardware categories.

2004: Covert Operations, Inc. located in California, is acquired and USP enters the rapidly expanding anchoring adhesive and mechanical fastening market.

2005: USP moves to new corporate headquarters in Burnsville, Minnesota, a suburb of Minneapolis. The facility accommodates growing support staff and includes a research development and testing lab.

2008: USP introduces Gold Coat™ extended life connectors, an exclusive corrosion resistant coating that extends the connector life up to 3 times.

2009: USP introduces Lumberlok™ structural screws. The first screws to be structurally approved for use with connectors.

2010: USP acquires partial interest in Structural Soft, LLC and USP enters the design software market.

2011: USP is acquired by MiTek Industires, a Berkshire Hathaway company, owned by Warren Buffett.

2014: USP Structural Connectors becomes a MiTek-US product brand as part of the MiTek Builder Products division.